Making contributions to the church is easy through the Presbyterian Foundation's Mission Exchange.

By clicking the link below and following the directions, you can set up an account that will allow you to make a one time gift or set up a recurring gift that can be drafted from your bank account or credit card.

Please note: Contributions made from a bank account incur smaller processing fees for the church and are preferable to using a credit card.

Click here to donate online.


Why do we give?

Your pledged amount should be what you can afford, trusting that when all contribute what we can, God will continue to do great things through our church. With this pledge commitment we also fulfill our feeling of ownership of the Church for which we feel pride and personal responsibility. Our primary goal is to have each and all of our members/families submit their pledge, and to do so by Dedication Sunday, November 18.

Name *
Grateful for God's love made known to us in Jesus Christ, I/we make the following commitment to support the mission and ministry of the church through our congregation:


If you are interested in placing flowers for worship in honor or in memory of someone, please call Laura Robertson. Arrangements are $65 each. This is a wonderful way to acknowledge someone you hold dear. You can reach Laura at 322-5469.