The sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church was built in 1888. Over one hundred years later, we began to build a Foundation to care for our historic, sacred space. The First Presbyterian Church (Birmingham) Foundation now has over $2 million and provides ongoing supplemental income to support the church in the maintenance and upkeep of its historic facility. 

Additionally, at least 10% of the annual distribution from the Foundation is designated for church mission projects selected by the Session. Through offsetting church operating expenses related to the care and upkeep of our building, the Foundation frees up general church funds to fulfill our direct ministry goals!


First Presbyterian was the first church in Birmingham, and for over 145 years we have not abandoned our post as a home in the heart of the city. The church building is our home: it's where we worship, and it enables our mission and ministry. We must ensure it is in good shape for generations to come. We not only see a bright future ahead but we believe, with God's help, we are called to help create it.

In 2016, we embarked on a $1 million, 3-year capital campaign to restore and improve our building, including the following:

+ New, environmentally friendly heating and air conditioning system. 
+ Significant, exterior repairs to make our sanctuary roof water-tight.
+ Necessary repairs to stained glass windows and more.

We are now in the final months of the campaign, and we have raised and spent over a million dollars. These building repairs were expensive, but they were necessary and they have put us in a stronger position going forward.

Click here to download the campaign's devotional guide, The Journey Begins by Scott McKenzie, PhD.