A Community of the Presbyterian Church (USA) where:

+ The Needs of the People Meet the Power of God

+ All are Welcomed and Valued

+ Children Are Cherished

+ Strangers Become Friends

+ The Gospel Speaks to the Heart and Mind

+ Worship Lifts the Spirit

+ Serving Changes Lives

+ A Vibrant People Make a Vital Difference


We are a diverse community, consisting of people young and old, black and white, single and married, gay and straight, cisgender and transgender, and everyone in between.

We come from all walks of life, being lifelong Presbyterians and newcomers to the Reformed faith, liberals, conservatives, moderates, and everyone in between.

We hail from all over the greater Birmingham area; some of us drive 30+ miles to get here, while some of us live downtown and can walk to church.

We embrace this home in the heart of the city, committing to our neighbors downtown and being intentional about enjoying the gift of life God has given to us all.

We gather together to worship God each week, to seek to follow Jesus Christ in our daily living, and, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to be foolish enough to believe we can make a difference in this world.

We are people. We are Christians. We are Presbyterians. We are ready and waiting to welcome you into this vibrant community of faith.


SPEAK UP: Raise FPC's Christian voice to achieve vision and support mission.

REACH OUT: Build meaningful relationships, welcoming all, and open new doors into faith.

BUILD BRIDGES: Build trust, seek justice, love and compassion. Focus on root causes for issues undertaken. Form long-term relationships through hands-on engagement in mission work. The areas currently identified through this process as potential areas for action are: Racial Reconciliation, Educational Equity, Economic Justice, Homelessness, and Fair Housing.