We are a church where serving changes lives and a vibrant people make a vital difference. Our vision is lived out by ministry teams. All are called to find a way to offer their time and talents.




Administration & Finance

The Administration & Finance Team works with FPC’s staff to help manage the budget, legal issues, and other business matters of the church, and to report to the Session on the church's financial position. They monitor revenue and spending, typically meeting monthly to review financial statements—with more time spent in late summer and fall on the budget for the following year. Current team members have experience in running businesses, both large and small, and include several CPAs and lawyers. But regardless of formal training or background, anyone with a strong interest in the business matters of the church and a willingness to dig into that area can join and help the team; members also occasionally call on other church members to help with particular projects.

Contact: David Perry


Congregational Life

Team members help organize “First at First” lunches after worship on the first Sunday of each month, help set up our Agape Meal, Leadership Weekend, and other large congregational meals or gatherings to enhance the sense of community within the congregation; and coordinate social events like an FPC Barons Game Night, a Hops and Hymns gathering, concerts, or other outings to help build relationships within the congregation, and to provide an avenue to welcome new people from outside the FPC community. If you love to gather people together in a spirit of fun and community, this is the team for you!

Contact: Meagan Westbrook

Faith Formation

The Faith Formation Team helps create opportunities for faith development for all ages at FPC, from safe, fun childcare for little ones, to beginning faith development for children, to unique learning opportunities for adults to grow in their faith.

Contact: Joan Witherspoon-Norris


Invitation & Integration

This team is all about welcoming, whether you’re a visitor to FPC or a new member looking for information about our church. The team’s ministries include greeting people on Sunday mornings, maintaining our website, creating publicity, answering questions for prospective members, mentoring new members, and helping visitors and new members feel at home in the church by hosting informal gatherings or simply offering a welcome handshake.

Contact: Marylyn Eubank


Mission, Justice, & Service

The Mission, Justice & Service Team is responsible for fostering FPC 's mission-oriented spirit. They actively engage in service, both locally and globally, with a particular focus on urban justice opportunities in Birmingham's City Center. The team serves as a link between the congregation and a multitude of local and global missions - the First Light shelter, Elizabeth Perry Rushton Child Development Center, Ruth and Naomi Senior Outreach Ministry, The Redeemer Counseling Center Project in Kenya, The Presbyterian Home for Children, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Habitat for Humanity, PCUSA Mission Projects and Special Offerings - just to name a few.

Contact: Ed Senter


Music, Worship, & the Arts

This ministry team creates opportunities to make active and meaningful participation in worship available to all members of the congregation.Toward that goal, they plan, organize, and operate Communion services; provide support to Music development; provide support for the Sacred Arts Gallery (located in the hallway outside the church library); work with the Faith Formation Team to develop an Acolyte program; and host clean-up days for our sanctuary. In 2011, they worked to create a second weekly worship service, our 8:30am Early Worship service.

Contact: Christi Burt