Christian marriage is a life-long relationship lived out in God's presence and committed to God's will. The wedding ceremony, therefore, is a service of worship of God, celebrates that relationship and asks God's blessing on it. Those who come to the church seeking God's blessing on their relationship should do so with a clear intention of maintaining an active participation in the life of a church. 

Ideally, weddings take place in the church where the couple intends to worship so that the couple can be surrounded by the people and environment that will support them throughout their marriage. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, that is not practical or possible. We are willing to work with non-member couples to serve their needs when it is not possible for them to be married in their home church, or if they do not have a church home. 

The session of First Presbyterian Church celebrates marriage equality in Alabama. Our pastors are ready to offer support and make our facility available to GLBT couples who wish to marry in our sanctuary.

To download our full wedding policy, please click here.